About our Daycare and Enrichment Programs...


Like all of us, dogs are individuals.  Some dogs like to roughhouse or play a good game of catch me if you can with their canine buddies.  Some dogs want nothing more than to play fetch all day long.  Some dogs are a little bit shy and prefer one on one time with a person or a smaller group of dog pals.  Some dogs need more structure and formal training throughout the day to work their minds just as much as their bodies.

We boast being able to provide your dog with a customized daycare program to meet his or her personal needs.  Through our initial visit/first day with your, dog we will decide on your dogs needs, preferences, likes and dislikes and come up with a recommended daycare program just for him!

Our daycare hours are from TUESDAY  thru Friday from 7am-6pm

To ensure that all of the dogs have a chance to settle into the play group around the same time we would ask that our FULL DAY dogs be dropped off no later than 10am. 


$35 +tax full day 
*pricing subject to change*
occasional flash sales!  keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page!
reduced pricing available with Barking Pass purchases 
5, 10, AND 20 day passes available!  pay as little as $25 per day! 
call for pricing and further details 


Doggy Daycare

"Barking Passes" are your dog's ticket to the best Barks and Recreation available!  Our doggy daycare program has been carefully designed to not only give your dog the chance to safely socialize with other pooches but he/she is also given the structure and supervision that can only be provided by professional dog trainers and care takers.  Emphasis is put on appropriate canine interaction, playtime as well as rest time and seasonal activities such as water play are all provided in a safe, secure and comfortable facility.


Enrichment Activities

Our Enrichment Program gives your dog the opportunity to work and play one on one with our educated and experienced trainers. Our activities are designed to give your dog the perfect balance of mental stimulation and physical exercise that he/she needs.  These activities can be purchased individually in addition to our regular Barking Pass. Our Enrichment Activities will change from time to time to keep your dog keen and interested. 

- 20 minute leash walk while working on good leash manners and focus on handler

- 20 minute "play with purpose" session (may include Agility equipment, retrieve games, scent work, etc.)
- 20 minute Obedience session (puppy foundation up to competitive level training available)